Atherial Breathe.

Atherial Breathe.

Three restorative and meditative practice options that encourage mind, body and spirit connection through the unique application of an aerial silk. Breathe. classes are for everybody and everyBODY.

Our flight instructors guide participants through a practice that stimulates the mind, increases mental focus, and offers a way to gently reset your body.  A self-empowering, restorative experience, gentle application of the aerial silk aids in restoring overworked muscles, ligaments and joints. Each class is customized to create powerful visualization and body mindfulness through guided meditation. EVERYbody, all levels, can take our Atherial Breathe classes. Fundamentals is not needed.

Class Offerings 

Volo Restore – An approach where the silk hammock hangs very low to the ground and full restoration of the body and mind is achieved. This deeply therapeutic practice may focus on target areas, subtle to deep releases, and increase mobility in a safe and non-intimidating way.

Benefits: An exceptional transition to physical activity after an injury or surgery. Restores your muscles, joints and mind. Increases flexibility.

Volo Float – A delicious, soothing class designed for unwinding your weekend. Float focuses on deep relaxation for the body and mind. Students are cradled in the silk hammock in a variety of floating positions and float through slow and graceful movements to transform the self to a mindful state of awareness. Athletes can use this time for visualization and mental focus techniques to achieve better performance results. This class does not have any inversions. Acceptable for beginners to aerial yoga and yoga in general.

Benefits: Helps relieves stress, clears the mind, relaxes tension throughout body and taps into self-awareness.

Volo Vino Float class – What goes better with complimentary wine? A Volo Float class.

Benefits: A glass of wine.