Atherial Flow.

What do we offer to make you Flow?

Three flowing classes that will give you strength, flexibility and a mindful yoga practice using the silks in our Volo Fundamentals, Volo Flow 1 and Volo Invert classes.

What is so special about these classes? You will take your yoga practice to the air while getting a low impact workout getting the benefits of strengthening and toning your body.

How do you achieve this?

Take Volo Fundamentals – A workshop style class that will get you to practice the 6 Volo Fundamentals. You will learn the key safety aspects of each fundamental and recognize how to apply them in our other classes. Volo is a progression and you will gain the confidence to fly!

Benefits: Gain the confidence to take any class at Atherial by learning the basics. You will gain a better understanding of our method by learning our 6 basic fundaments, safety and health benefits.

Take Volo Flow 1 – A yoga asana class where your mat practice is brought to the air. Inversion therapy and decompression of the spine will be integrated dynamically in this practice.

Benefits: Develop strength, agility, balance and increasing overall mobility and flexibility.

Take Volo Invert – A more advanced class where students will hold inversions for longer durations and transition through positions in challenging ways, including flips.  PREREQUISITE: YOU MUST TAKE A VOLO FUNDAMENTALS CLASS.

Benefits: A strong focus will be on amplifying upper body and core strength, balance, and improving yoga asana inversions.