Atherial Sweat.

What do we offer to make you Sweat?

Three workouts that will get you sweaty and your heart pumping. Atherial offers high and low intensity workouts through our aerial/suspended programs: Atherial Aerial FIIT, Atherial Aerial Core and Volo Barre.

What is so special about these classes? You will get your cardio and strength training in using the hammocks, weights, bands, etc. For these classes, it is recommended you take our Volo Fundamentals class to learn safety and health benefits of our special method.

How do you achieve this?

Take an Atherial Aerial FIIT Class – A 45-minute, high cardio, strength training class using the aerial silks, suspension training techniques and weights. Participants will focus on developing core strength, balance, and overall body performance thru principles of pilates, ballet, weight and interval training. Recovery is offered with deep stretches using the aerial silk throughout and at the close of class.

Benefits: Efficient with a focus on burning more calories within 45 minutes. Bursts of high cardio with effective recovery helps the body get effective energy use.

Take Atherial Aerial Core – A 45-minute core blast using the silk aerial hammocks. This class targets the power house in your body working abs, waistline, lower back, inner thighs and glutes. We use the hammock to perform strength and flexibility movements inspired by pilates, barre and yoga practices. Look no more for the secret to creating a tight midsection. Atherial Aerial Core is designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture and enhance mental awareness.

Benefits: Creating stability from instability. Atherial Aerial Core is designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture and enhance mental awareness.

Take Volo Barre – A revolutionary, new way to practice barre. It moves one from the traditional stationary barre format to a moving barre amplifying the challenge and efficiency level. Inversion therapy is integrated with the silk hammock to offer a true recovery of isometric training. This method welcomes beginners to advanced practitioners. This signature method is an energetic, beat driven, high intensity barre workout and fun.

Benefits: Targets the upper body, thighs, seat, and abs. Each muscle group will be worked to fatigue and followed with a stretch to tone and sculpt. Practiced regularly, this method will leave results of looking and feeling longer, leaner, stronger and more confident.