First Timer

first_timer2Am I required to take an Aerial Yoga Flow Basics class to attend any class at Atherial?
No. Most classes except for Aerial Yoga + Inversions and Aerial DanceFly are for all levels.

When should I arrive to class?
Please arrive 15 minutes early to class so that we can size your hammock. NOTE: Your spot will be given to someone who is on the waiting list if you do not arrive 5 minutes before class start time.

Do I need to reserve a spot for classes?
Yes. We only have a limited number of spots for each class. Drop-ins are welcome, however, reserved spots have priorityNOTE: Your spot will be given to someone who is on the waiting list, if you do not arrive 5 minutes before class start time.

What do I need to bring?
Please bring a water, towel and a mat. If you forget your mat, we rent mats for $2. For Barre classes, you may wear sticky socks though you will be asked to take them off during any inversions in the hammock.

What should I wear?
Typical workout clothing is suitable for most of our classes. Loose fitted clothing and socks are completely acceptable for our Aerial Restorative & Meditation classes. However, for our other classes, we do recommend tighter fit tops and bottoms. With most of our classes, we require you to practice without socks. Why? When practicing in most of our classes, we do use the hammocks. The hammocks are made up of a silk/polyester blend which makes the fabric smooth. By wearing socks and stepping into the hammocks, you can slip out and this would not be safe. Since safety is our number one value at Atherial, we highly recommend just take your socks off. For BarreFly, if you want to wear sticky socks, you may however, you will be asked to take them off during any inversions using the hammock.

Are the hammocks clean?
We wash our hammocks every week. If we find there is a hammock that needs changing, we do have extra hammocks. However, we cannot control everyone’s hygiene. So, if you feel that you need a new hammock, please ask as we are more than happy to swap one out for you!

Should I eat before class?
No. If you want to eat a light meal, please do so 1.5 to 2 hours before class. Eating right before can create a chance of feeling nauseous during your practice.

Tips to make your first experience success!

  • DO remove your shoes upon entering into the studio – our main studio is shoe free
  • DO leave jewelry and watches at home – these items snag our hammocks to cause holes
  • DO shower prior to class if you are coming from another fitness workout
  • DO clean your feet with our wipes before entering our hammocks – we got you covered….we provide wipes in the main studio
  • DON’T wear heavy makeup, hair products, perfumes, oils – this will keep our hammocks clean for the next class
  • DON’T wear clothing with accessories or zippers – these items snag our hammocks to cause holes
  • DON’T play around in the hammocks if you are new – this is for safety
  • DO chill out in Front Seated or Air Savasana if you come to class early – we highly recommend it!
  • DON’T bring any food into the hammock – did someone ever say to you “never eat food in bed?”
  • DO request another hammock if you feel that it doesn’t feel right


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