Our Classes

Atherial Sweat.


Volo Barre  An energetic, beat driven, high intensity barre workout targeting the upper body, thighs, seat and abs. Each muscle group will be worked to fatigue and followed with a stretch to tone and sculpt. Inversion therapy is integrated with the silk hammock to offer a true recovery of isometric training.

Aerial FIIT (FLY Intensity Interval Training) 45 minutes of high cardio and strength training using the aerial silks, suspension techniques and weights. This class focuses on core strength, balance, and overall body performance using the principles of pilates, ballet, weight and interval training. Recovery with deep stretches using the aerial silk throughout and at the close of class.

**Completing Volo Fundamentals is highly recommended for these classes**

Aerial Core A 45-minute core blast using the silk hammocks, powerfully targeting your abs, waistline, lower back, inner thighs and glutes. Look no more for the secret to a toned and ripped midsection. Improved strength,  endurance, posture, and flexibility when you’re short on time but still want results.

Atherial Flow.

Volo Fundamentals
Learn the basic practice safely, with this prerequisite for Volo Flow I, Volo Invert, and Volo Barre.  This class provides the foundation to help you fly through all Atherial programs.

Volo Flow I
A yoga asana class where your mat practice is brought to the air. Inversion therapy and decompression of the spine are dynamically integrated in this practice. Develop strength, agility, balance and increase overall mobility and flexibility in flight.

Volo Invert
A more advanced class,  students will hold inversions for longer durations and transition through positions in challenging ways (including flips).  Emphasis is on amplifying upper body and core strength, balance, and improving yoga asana inversions. Completion of Volo Fundamentals is REQUIRED.

Atherial Breathe.

Volo Restore
In this practice, the silk hammock hangs very low to the ground  to achieve full restoration of the body and mind. Deeply therapeutic,   we focus on subtle to deep releases and increased mobility for targeted areas in a safe and non-intimidating way.

Volo Float
A delicious, soothing class designed for unwinding at days end, offering  deep relaxation for the body and mind.  Cradled in the silk hammock, students float through slow and graceful movements, transforming into a mindful state of awareness.

Volo Vino Float
Same as above AND add a complimentary glass of wine!