Both Bre and Reba have been rescuing dogs for a LONG time.  Between them, they have fostered close to 150 animals, and they are passionate about giving back to rescues in the Denver area that share their mission to rescue EVERY animal until all the kennels are empty. Adopt don’t shop.

Atherial teams up with local rescues (usually Sunshine Canyon Dog Rescue) for our signature #Atherialpuppyoga classes where all proceeds from the day go back to the rescue to help animals in need.  At #Atherialpuppyoga students get to experience an aerial class at Atherial during a literal puppy party! Atherial truly believes in the therapeutic qualities of animals, and provides attendees with a unique way to connect, while giving back to those with no voices.  Our first three installments of our #Atherialpuppyoga has raised over $2,000 for Sunshine Canyon Dog Rescue, and we will continue to help wherever we can.

What sets us apart from most other animal yoga experiences is the fact that all of the puppies we have in class are in need of adoption or foster, and all of the proceeds are funneled directly to the rescue.  This isn’t just a way to get people in the door, or make money, it’s a way to give back to something owners Bre and Reba are passionate about.