Aerial Yoga and Women’s Health Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

Oh’ Lovely Flyers you are so worthy. Worthy of an adventure across the sea, worthy of a chance to reconnect with yourself, a chance to whole heartedly and simply be.  

We invite you on a journey to the magical land of Gods, Goddesses, and Karma in Bali, Indonesia. Come as you are and be empowered to transform in your own personal journey. Together, we play and explore to conquer new limits.  Build connection with your body, the hammock, our community, and the world. We will shift doubts into dreams through play, movement, nourishment, and breath!

Join us for 7 Days 6 Nights All Inclusive Retreat 

November 10, 2018 – November 17, 2018

Say No More I Am There!

Restore your essence in order to Release, Reconnect, and Awaken your Divine Feminine.

Bali Stages of the Divine Feminine

The Virgin, The Mother, The Wild Woman, and The Wise Woman

As women we have always been connected to the moon, her light forever guiding our inner rhythms. Each one of us holds and expresses femininity through four ancient archetypal energies. Each of these are expressions of the cycle of the Goddess. These cycles are the Virgin, the Mother, the Wild Woman, and the Wise Woman.  We will reconnect to our inner wisdom through playfulness, movement, nourishing foods, and plant medicine.

In doing so we unlock the ability to truly care for ourselves.

This 7 days 6 nights all inclusive retreat will immerse you in the culture of Bali while providing you with the space to let go and reconnect with yourself. Our retreat will include daily meditations, aerial yoga classes along with  24 hour access to beach front aerial yoga facilities, cultural excursions, and education around utilizing nutrition and plant medicine for women’s health. Throughout your time your mind, body, & spirit will be well nourished. 

Together with grace, we unlock our inner and outer strengths, elevate our minds and take flight.


Our Journey will begin…

November 10th at the beautfiul Hotel Komune. Come indulge in all the amenities of an all-inclusive retreat from fresh foods, juices & smoothies, to unlimited coffee, tea and filtered water. (Alcohol will not be included.)

Hotel Komune provides you with the space to reconnect to yourself and let go at the yoga facilities, pools, spa and black sand beaches.

Our Retreat Includes: daily meditations, aerial yoga flow and restorative classes, along with 24-hour access to beachfront aerial yoga facilities, cultural excursion to Tirta Empul Temple and education around utilizing nutrition and plant medicine for women’s health.

There will be Plant Medicine and Women’s Health Education based workshops led by the incredible Courtney Cosgriff, founder of Honeybee Herbals

Workshops will include…

  • Introduction to the Cycles of the Goddesses
  • Introduction to Plant Medicine
  • Introduction of Nutrition for Women’s Health
  • Introduction to Flower Essences & a Personalized Flower Essence Consultation
  • Rewild Yourself Workshop

Optional (not included in price) 2 excursions: Fire Dancing Ceremony and a day trip to Ubud, for shopping and to visit the world famous Yoga Barn.

Let’s Do This

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