Specialty Classes

Volo Baby
Volo Baby provides a one of a kind bonding experience with parent and child, bringing baby back to the safety and comfort of the womb. Both baby and mama (or papa!) will flow through gentle poses to stimulate a unique connection using music, touch and sensory development. Children between the ages of 6 weeks to pre-walking.


Benefits: Increased bonding with baby lowers stress levels for both baby and parent(s); stimulates energetic channels of the nerve and blood system; rejuvenates vitality; offers neurological, physical, psychological and energetic benefits; creates mindfulness, and more!

Volo Adapt
Creating an aerial experience for EVERYbody. This adaptation of our signature Volo Restore program designed to build and strengthen the mind–body relationship by improving overall strength and flexibility. Volo Adapt is fun, feels good, and is for anyone with mobility restrictions.


Benefits: Provides recovery and restores overworked muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, releases compression, creates pressure and release techniques to open energetic flow, boosts self-confience through conquering basic fears, instills trust in others and self while empowering the ability to “let go”.

Community Teacher Trainee Classes
Part of our teachers completing an extensive aerial training program, they practice teaching classes. Keep an eye on some discount classes to fly!