Who we Are


Atherial [ah-theer-ee-ul]
Aerial Fitness for EVERYbody.

Atherial is the Rocky Mountain region’s premier aerial fitness and wellness studio. Located in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood, Atherial is home to next-level aerial workouts, wellness experiences, and out-of-the-box programs (#puppyoga, anyone?) Atherial’s SweatFlow, and Breathe classes are for babies to boomers, newbies to weekend warriors, and all in between.

At Atherial, teachers are ‘Flight Instructors’, Friday is ‘#FLYDAY’, and students feel an extra sense of community with our Frequent Flyer Program!  Focused on demystifying aerial fitness while making safety and technique top priority, all Atherial Flight Instructors have an extensive background in aerial fitness modalities, at least 60 hours of Atherial / VOLO specific training, and have completed a head, neck and spinal injury prevention program.

Volo Flow, Volo InvertVolo Barre, Volo Restore, Volo Float, Atherial Aerial FIIT (aerial-style High Intensity Interval Training), and Atherial Aerial Core, and cutting edge programs like Volo BabyVolo AdaptGloFlow and #puppyoga, we’re leading the pack with fitness that’s fun. Pricing is affordable and competitive, proving Atherial is one stop fitness for  every level, every need, and EVERYbody.

Atherial Sweat. Burn & Transform.

– Volo Barre

– Atherial FIIT

– Atherial Core

Atherial Flow. Elevate & Strengthen.

– Volo Fundamentals

– Volo Flow

– Volo Invert

Atherial Breathe. Restore & Reset.

– Volo Float

– Volo Vino (yes, with wine) Float

– Volo Restore

Atherial. Aerial Fitness for EVERYbody.

Our Mission

Atherial’s welcoming community enables students of any level to practice and grow under the instruction of expert teachers. We provide an exceptional, elevated experience that takes fitness to new heights in a safe, fun-filled environment.


We are proud to offer the Volo Method to elevate your fitness routine. At Atherial, we distinctively designed classes and integrated specific practices of Volo for all fitness levels. The Volo method embraces all components for maintaining the optimal performance level of the body and mind. Volo prepares the active enthusiast by providing injury prevention, mental focus and visualization techniques, increasing flexibility, strength, agility, and balance. The post activity recovery process is achieved through active fitness workouts, inversion therapy and restorative/meditative experiences.

To learn more about Volo visit Volo Yoga


Our Mantra – Let that Sh*t Go

It is far too often that we let the bad outweigh the good, and we allow the stresses of everyday life dictate how we feel. Stress affects literally everything we do, and it takes a toll on our body and our overall well being.  At Atherial, we recognize the important roll that exercise plays in ones life and strive to be a place where you can literally let all that sh*t go.